Our purpose is to help learners acquire the skills they will need to meet future challenges, both personal and professional.

Anaya and Pearson courses include a wide range of assessment tools and testing materials, to help teachers and learners monitor progress and identify any areas of weakness that may need special attention.

These include:

  • a Test Generator
  • Diagnostic, end-of-unit, end-of-term and end-of-year tests.
Pearson assessment
Pearson Rigour


Our textbooks provide a comprehensive range of resources designed to ensure a successful and enjoyable language learning experience for both teachers and learners.

Our courses are based on up to-date and effective teaching and learning methodologies, and include course plans adapted to the requirements of the new education law and the curriculum in Andalusia.

Teacher Training

Our teacher trainers will work with you, bringing their expertise in English Language teaching methodology and digital solutions to tailor-made training workshops, specifically adapted to meet your school’s individual needs

Pearson teacher training