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What are Pearson English Readers?

Pearson English Readers are world-renowned stories re-written for English learners and graded to 7 different levels of English. With Pearson English Readers learners of any age can enjoy reading whatever their language level is.

• Bring learning to life! When students enjoy what they’re doing they are more motivated to read, learn and succeed.

• Give students the opportunity to choose a reader that is right for them! Choose from a large selection of book and fi lm-based titles across 13 genres, appropriate for different age groups.

• Engage with young learners! Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Readers help kids discover the world around them through topics such as art, science and geography, presented in English.

• Make the most of your Readers with additional teachers’ resources including teachers’ notes and activity worksheets and audio CDs. With teachers’ resources you can bring more practice into your classroom, improving your students’ reading confidence, topic comprehension, vocabulary or spoken and written English.

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Pearson English Kids Readers

What if young learners immersed themselves in learning English, not because they had to, but because it was fun and interesting? Now you can with Pearson English Kids Readers! These English learning books help children develop their English by immersing them in the world’s most beloved stories.

Learners discover interesting facts about the world around them with Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) titles.



Kids Readers Cinderella Level 1


Kathryn Harper

There is a dance at the big house today! Cinderella is sad. Her sisters are at the dance … POUF! It is the Fairy Godmother. Does Cinderella go to the dance? Does she see the Prince?


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Wheels go Round level 1

Wheels Go Round (CLIL)

Rachel Wilson

The town is busy today. Swish-swash! Beep! Beep! Wooo! Wooo! Ring! Ring! Two wheels, four wheels, six or eight? Is it a car, a bicycle, or a bus?


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Barbara Ingham

Bambi and Thumper meet a skunk. His name is Flower. The three friends play and learn about the forest. One day, all the deer are in the forest. Suddenly, there is a loud noise. BANG! Bambi runs quickly. Where is his mother now?


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Wheels go Round level 1

Clothes at Work (CLIL)

Linnette Erocak

Mechanics have coveralls, and chefs can have tall hats. Some vets wear white coats, and a dentist wears a mask. Uniforms are clothes at work. We see them all the time. Do you wear a uniform... at home, at school, at play?


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Kids Readers Festival Fun Level3

Festival Fun (CLIL)

Barbara Ingham

A festival is a celebration, to have a party on a special day. Visit diff erent festivals in the world. Scotland, New Zealand, Africa, and more ... Which is your favourite festival?


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Kids Readers Pinocchio Level 3


M Williams

Pinocchio is a puppet, but he can move, he can walk, and he can talk. Pinocchio goes to school but Honest John and Giddy see him. ‘We can make a lot of money!’ they say … Can Pinocchio find his way home? Can he find his father? Will he ever be a real boy?


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Kids Readers Animal Athletes Level 4

Animal Athletes (CLIL)

Caroline Laidlaw

The fastest flying insect is a dragonfly. A kangaroo can jump 13.5 metres. Dolphins are intelligent and friendly animals. Animal Athletes of land, sea and air. There are cool cats and other acrobats. Let’s read about them all.


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Kids Readers Chicken Little Level 4

Chicken Little

Marie Croak

When the sky fell on Chicken Little the people listened to him. When aliens came the people did not listen to him. Now, Chicken Little needs to save them from the aliens. Will his father listen to the truth? Can Chicken Little save the town?


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Kids Readers Hercules Level 5


Jocelyn Potter

A long time ago on Mount Olympus, Hercules was born to Zeus and his wife, Hera. Zeus was the greatest of the gods. When Hades, the god of the dead, came up from the underworld to meet the baby, he gave him a dangerous toy so he could take control of the world from Zeus. Only Hercules can stop him …


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Kids Readers Island Hopping Level 5

Island Hopping (CLIL)

Caroline Laidlaw

A penguin decides to look for a new home. Somewhere quiet, with more space. Let’s go with her on a journey to different islands around the world... And see what we discover…


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Kids Readers Atlantis Level6

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Marie Crook

Thousands of years ago, the Empire of Atlantis was a wonderful place with computers and amazing buildings. One day, a great storm came to Atlantis, the waters rose and in just one day, the whole Empire disappeared. Milo studied Atlantis and taught his students everything he knew about it. Many did not believe his stories...


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Kids Readers Mulan Level 6


Paul Shipton

Centuries ago in China, there was a young woman called Mulan, who lived with her parents and grandmother. Mulan loved her family and she wanted to bring honor to them. But at that time the only way to do that was marrying a good husband. Join her on her adventure as she tries to save her family, her friends, and her country.


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Pearson English Active Readers


A variety of stories that off er an intensive reading experience to support and develop learners who wish to deeply understand the text. Additional tasks, assessment and progress tests are available in the book and on the packaged CD. For learners aged 13 and up, graded to 5 levels.



Active Readers Newspaper Chase Easystarts

Newspaper Chase

John Escott

Harry Black steals a million dollar picture and hides it in a newspaper in his room. But Janey is keen on recycling old papers.


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Active Readers Slave Boy of Pompeii Easystarts

Slave Boy of Pompeii

Bernard Smith

Young Mico is a slave in a big house in Pompeii. His only friend is the house dog, Fortunatus. One quiet summer day, Fortunatus suddenly runs away. He takes Mico with him. What does the dog know? What is he afraid of? Is it, perhaps, the mountain behind the town?


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Active Readers The Rainbow Serpetn Level 1

The Rainbow Serpent

James Vance Marshall

The Rainbow Serpent wakes up in an empty world. She doesn’t like this, so she produces rain and trees and fl owers grow. Then she makes many animals and a man and a woman appear…


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Active Readers The Crown Level 1

The Crown

M R James

What is the crown, and why is it important for England? In this gripping mystery, the answers are all in Seaburgh, a small town near the sea.


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Active Readers Nightmare Before Christmas Level 2

Nightmare before Christmas


Everybody in Halloweentown loves Halloween–but not Jack Skellington. Every year he has to sing the same scary songs and do the same dangerous dances. He is bored with them. Then, one day, he visits Christmastown and he has an idea. Why can't the vampires, witches, and skeletons of Halloweentown celebrate Christmas, too–their way?


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Active Readers The Secret Garden Level 2

The Secret Garden


Mary Lennox goes to live with her uncle in a big old house in the country. There are many gardens around the house. One day Mary finds a garden that has high walls and no door. What is the secret of the garden?


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Active Readers Nelson Mandela Level 2

Nelson Mandela

Coleen Degnan-Veness

Nelson Mandela’s life is the story of a country boy and his fi ght for the black people of South Africa. His struggle against apartheid led to twenty-seven years in jail. After he was freed in 1994, he went on to become the fi rst black president of South Africa. The extraordinary story of a great man.


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Active Readers Wonders Of The World Level 2

Wonders of the World

Vicky Shipton

Around the world there are many beautiful places. There are famous buildings, old and new. Some are interesting; some are important. Some are the tallest or biggest in the world. The Great Wall, Machu Picchu, the Grand Canyon, the Taj Mahal...


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Active Readers Stories of Courage Level 3

Stories of Courage

Clare Gray

Eight inspiring true stories of people showing great courage in the face of incredible difficulties. Read about the real Erin Brockovich, an incredible escape from death in Africa, Cuba's bravest runner... and more! Sometimes true stories are more amazing than fiction!


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Active Readers The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Level 3

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 

Mark Twain

Huck and Jim travel down the Mississippi from St. Petersburg to Cairo. Jim is a runaway slave so they have to be careful. They have a lot of adventures on the river. They even meet a king! But is he real? Huck soon finds out the truth.


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Active Readers The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Level 3

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Benjamin Button is a very strange baby. Born with a white beard, he looks like his grandfather. As years pass, he seems to get younger. This brings many problems, for him and the people around him. In these three stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald, people are not always as they seem.


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Active Readers Sweeney Todd Level 3

Sweeney Todd


18th Century London, Sweeney Todd runs a successful barber’s shop, but his neighbours worry about his strange behaviour. Is he hiding something? Tobias, his young employee, thinks he is. Then other people, searching for missing friends, become interested in his shop.


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Active Readers About a Boy Level 4

About a Boy


Will Freeman wants an easy life with no responsibilities. But then he meets Marcus – an unusual twelve year old boy with serious problems. About a Boy is a modern classic – a very funny story about a very serious subject: love. It’s also a popular movie starring Hugh Grant.


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Active Readers Oliver Twist Level 4

Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens

Oliver’s mother dies when he is born and he is brought up in a workhouse. His first years are cold and lonely – and then he runs away to London. But he falls into the hands of Fagin and the terrifying Bill Sykes. They try to turn Oliver into a criminal.


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Active Readers The Full Monty Level 4

The Full Monty

Wendy Holden

Gaz and Dave are redundant steelworkers in Sheffield. What can they do to turn their lives around? When a visit by a male-strip group draws a frenzied response from local women, it gives them an idea! The Full Monty is a very popular and funny British film!


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Pearson English Readers

World-renowned stories rewritten for English learners and graded to 7 different levels. With Pearson English Readers, learners will be motivated to read, learn, and succeed. Choose from a large selection of book and film-based titles across 13 different genres, appropriate for different age groups. Bring more interaction into your classroom with great teacher resources for every title.

New Marvel and Doctor Who readers available in September


Readers Maisie and the Dolphin Easystarts

Maisie and the Dolphin

 Stephen Rabley

Original / British EnglishMaisie King lives in the Bahamas. Her mother and father work at an Animal Hospital. Maisie has a new friend. His name is Ben and he’s a dolphin. Ben is very ill. Maisie helps him. Then Maisie has a big problem. Can Ben help her?


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Active Readers Billy And The Queen Easystarts

Billy and the Queen

Stephen Rabley

Original / British EnglishBilly and his sister want new bicycles, but they don’t have any money. Then their grandmother has an idea. There’s a competition in Palace magazine. The first prize is £500. ‘What do you think?’ Billy asks his sister. ‘We can buy two new bicycles for £500,’ she says.


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Readers Marcel And The Mona Lisa Easystarts

Marcel and the Mona Lisa

Stephen Rabley

Marcel is a French mouse, and a detective. One evening, at the Louvre museum, he sees a man steal a famous painting – the Mona Lisa. Marcel follows the thief to Venice and risks his life to get the painting back again.


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Readers Adventures of Tom Sawyer Level 1

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain

Tom Sawyer loves adventures. He has them at home, at school, and with his friends —Huck Finn, Joe Harper, and Becky Thatcher. Tom has one adventure in a graveyard, one in an old house, one in a cave. Who does he see in those places—and why is he afraid?


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Readers The Missing Coins Level 1

The Missing Coins

John Escott

Pete and Carla are students. One day they look at some very old coins and stamps in a shop. Pete wants to buy some stamps, but they are very expensive. Later that day some coins are missing from the shop – and the shopkeeper wants to find Pete.


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Readers 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Level 1

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Jules Verne

This is the story of Captain Nemo and his submarine, the Nautilus. One day, Nemo finds three men in the sea. For months the men live on the Nautilus. They find a town on the sea floor, beautiful coasts and a lot of gold. But they want to go home. Can they escape from Nemo’s submarine?


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Readers Ali And His Camera Level 1

Ali and His Camera

Raymond Pizante

Ali wants to take photos of people and places in Istanbul, but he has a big problem. He hasn’t got a camera. How can he get one?


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Readers Alice in Wonderland Level 2

Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

One hot summer day, Alice sees a white rabbit and runs after it. She follows it down a rabbit-hole – and arrives in ‘Wonderland’. Here, caterpillars can talk and rabbits have watches. And the Queen wants to cut off everybody’s head!


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Readers Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Level 2

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Elaine O’Reilly

Read about the adventures of Elizabeth Swann Will Turner and Jack Sparrow - characters of the blockbuster Hollywood movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.


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Readers American Life Level 2

American Life

Vicky Shipton

Most people around the world today know something about American life. The United States is a big country. Not all Americans are the same! In this book you will see the many faces of American life.


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Readers A Christmas Carol Level 2

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

Scrooge is a cold, hard man. He loves money, and he doesn’t like people. He really doesn’t like Christmas. But when some ghosts visit him, they show him his past life, his life now, and a possible future. Will Scrooge learn from the ghosts? Can he change?


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Readers Gulliver's Travel Level 2

Gulliver’s Travels Book

Jonathan Swift

Gulliver travels across the sea from England and has an accident. He arrives in a country of very, very small people. What will they do with him? How will he talk to them? And why are the Big-enders fighting the Little-enders?


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Readers Billy Elliot Level 3

Billy Elliot

Melvyn Burgess

Eleven-year old Billy Elliot is different from other boys. He is not very clever or good at sport. Then, one day, he discovers ballet dancing. Finally he has found something that he can do well. But everybody knows that ballet is for girls, not boys! Will Billy continue to dance?


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Readers The Black Cat and Other Stories Level 3

The Black Cat and Other Stories

Edgar Poe

Are you brave enough to read four of Poe’s famous horror stories? Edgar Allan Poe wrote strange stories about terrible people and evil crimes. Don’t read this book late at night!


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Readers Notting Hill Level 3

Notting Hill

Richard Curtis

Anna Scott is an American film star. She is rich, beautiful and very famous. William Thacker is a shy man who has a small, unsuccessful bookshop in London. Their lives are different in every way, but they are both looking for someone special. Can a future together be more than a dream? Notting Hill is a wonderful – and very funny – love story.


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Readers Martin Luther King Level 3

Martin Luther King

Coleen Degnan-Veness

Martin Luther King had a dream. He wanted blacks and whites to live together happily. But in America in the 1950s and 1960s, all men were not equal. King led peaceful protests against the government and won changes for the blacks of America. But has King’s dream really come true today?


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Readers The Diary of a Young Girl Level 4

The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank

It is 1942 in Holland and the Germans have invaded. All Jewish people are frightened for their lives, so the Frank family hide. Life is dangerous but they hope for the best – until they are finally discovered. Anne Frank was a real person, and this is her diary.


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Readers Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  Level 4

Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 

Arthur C Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is a great detective. There are few cases that he cannot solve. In these three stories we meet a young woman who is terrified of a mysterious ‘speckled band’, a family who think that five orange pips are a sign of death, and a banker who believes that his son is a thief. But are things really as they seem?


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Readers 1984 Level 4


George Orwell

Winston Smith lives in a society where the government controls people’s lives every second of the day. Alone in his small, one-room apartment, Winston dreams of a better life. Is freedom from this life of suffering possible? There must be something that the Party cannot control – something like love, perhaps?


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Readers Love Actually Level 4

Love Actually

Richard Curtis

In London, Christmas is coming and the people in this story have love on their minds. Some have found love; some have lost it. Some accept their loneliness; others live in hope. Even the new British prime minister’s thoughts are not always on his job - because love, actually, is all around us.


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Readers Round the World in Eighty Days Level 5

Round the World in Eighty Days

Jules Verne

Phileas Fogg is living quietly in London. Then he makes a bet that he can travel around the world in eighty days. The result is a crazy, exciting race against time across Europe, Asia and America. There are many dangers along the way – and a detective who wants to arrest him!


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Readers Pride and Prejudice Level 5

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen

Jane and Elizabeth Bennet are the oldest of five sisters in need of husbands, but it isn’t easy to find the right man. Are Mr Bingley, Mr Darcy and Mr Wickham all that they seem? Will pride and prejudice ever be defeated in the search for true love?


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Readers Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Level 5

Sherlock Holmes Short Stories

Arthur Conan Doyle

In these six stories we join the brilliant detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his friend Dr Watson, in a variety of exciting adventures. These include several suspicious deaths, the mystery of the engineer with the missing thumb, and the strange case of the two men who share a very unusual name.


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Readers Taste and Other Tales Level 5

Taste and Other Tales

Roald Dahl

In this collection of Roald Dahl’s finest stories we meet some quite ordinary people who behave in extraordinary ways. There is a man who is sure he can hear plants scream and the wife who discovers a perfect way to get rid of her husband. And there’s a woman who finds an unusual use for a leg of lamb …


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Readers Brave New World Level 6

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is one of the great works of science fiction.It is the year After Ford 632 in the New World. People are born and live by scientific methods. There is worldwide happiness and order. Then John comes from the Savage Reservation to the New World and with him he brings strong emotions – love, hate, anger, fear. Suddenly, danger threatens the New World.


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Readers The Woman in White Level 6

The Woman in White

Wilkie Collins

Only the Woman in White knows the truth of Laura Fairlie’s cruel husband. Can Walter Hartwright discover the terrible secret? From the moment Walter meets this mysterious woman, his future and that of Laura are linked forever.


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Readers Crime and Punishment Level 6

Crime and Punishment

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Raskolnikoff, a young student, has been forced to give up his university studies because of lack of money. He withdraws from society and, poor and lonely, he develops a plan to murder a greedy old moneylender. Surely the murder of one worthless old woman would be excused, even approved of, if it made possible a thousand good deeds? But this crime is just the beginning of the story...


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Readers Great Expectations Level 6

Great Expectations

Charles Dickens

Pip is a poor orphan whose life is changed forever by two very different meetings - one with an escaped convict and the other with an eccentric old lady and the beautiful girl who lives with her. And who is the mysterious person who leaves him
a fortune?


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